West Rand Amateur Radio Club

Established in 1938

ZR to ZS Upgrade workshop

Philipus Snyman  (ZR6CPS) - ZS6VKF
Willem Weideman (ZS6WWJ) - Assessor
Christo Snyman  (ZR6VKT) - ZS6VKT
Joop Hesp (ZS6C) - Assessor
Diane Dix  (ZR6DLD)

Diane Dix (ZR6DLD) - busy building her project

Philipus Snyman (ZR6CPS) - checking his soldering

Philipus Snyman  (ZR6CPS)
Christo Snyman (ZR6VKT)
Romeo Nardini (ZS6ARQ) - Assessor
Diane Dix (ZR6DLD)

Philipus Snyman (ZR6CPS)
Christo Snyman (ZR6VKT)

Christo Snyman (ZR6VKT) - happy that its all over

Diane Dix (ZR6DLD) - glad she has finished

Philipus Snyman (ZR6CPS) chuffed with himself

Densil Dix (ZR6DAD) - happy he is finished

Densil Dix (ZR6DAD) - contemplating the task ahed

                                                                                  Wessie (ZR2C) concentrating on job at hand                                                                       
                                                                        Wessie (ZR2C) glad it is over. New Callsign ZS2A    

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